As the result of the experience og the last years Giulia Mureddu builded up methodologies around the subject Lingual Body reviewing and disorientating both the dancing body itself and the perception of it.

During the workshops we will work on dance material, which originates from the physical transformation of a movement impulse. We will focus on a methodology of how to break patterns of movements by stimulating the analytical and sensorial ability to manipulate and fragment the movement material. This will result in a conscious and unconscious detailed use of limbs, weight, space, and often forgotten details like facial expressions, gestures and utterings of the voice.

The exercises used will involve a specific application of improvisation. We will work on developing skills and methods how to combine structure and improvisation, freedom of imagination and codified language. We will explore the possibilities of layering the different tasks of the performer, creating a score of impulses, actions and situations that could consist on a scene, where the body as independent medium becomes the main player.