The work of Giulia Mureddu (IT/NL) is characterized by multilayered performances in which disarming humor, theatrical and physical dance intermingle. Mureddu is a young dance theatre artist whose priority is to act beyond the borders of already known forms and aesthetics. Her performances consistently build a close relationship with the viewer through provocation and play. Also, Mureddu aims to initiate possibilities of exchange and discussion within the performing field, crossing the borders between makers, performers, specialists and public by way of linking performances, workshops and encountering.

Giulia's movement signature founds its source to move not on form or codes and space related actions, but on more deep sensations. Its aim is to disorientate the asserted knowledge, to de-construct it without loosing its reference, working on ways to construct scores, where set structure coupled by improvisation give space to the performer to re-experience his body.

As a choreographer Giulia investigates the point of intersection between abstract movement material and more theatrical expressions. Giulia approaches choreography as a game between a set structure and the freedom to improvise. Her stake with making a choreography is not the visual ordening of the body and the bodies in space, but the performer and the way he relates to his body, the interaction of mental and bodily activities.

"By melting theatrical scenes and choreography Mureddu forces the spectator to crawl under the skin of the performer. In this way her piece gets the space to speak and to move."
Groene Amsterdammer, friday 30 of November 2007, Klaas Backx on Beige