For their guest-choreographies program directors Krisztina de Chatel and Itzik Galili of the Dansgroep Amsterdam invited Giulia to create a new short work: Intermezzo. Intermezzo is a physical study on the desire to connect to someone, to get closer.
No matter how far the five performers push themselves, there is always the risk of missing each other.

Choreography: Giulia Mureddu
Costumes: Dieuweke van Reij
Music: Michele Bagaglio
Lights: Roland van Ulden
Advice: Robin Tunca

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October '10
30 Frascati 1, Amsterdam [NL]
29 Frascati 1, Amsterdam [NL]
28 Het Park, Hoorn [NL]
22 AINSI, Maastricht [NL]
21 Witte Theater, IJmuiden [NL]
16 Chasse Theater, Breda [NL]
14 LUX, Nijmegen [NL]
08 Theter aan het Spui, Den Haag [NL]
05 Toneelschuur, Haarlem [NL]
September '10
30 LAKtheater, Leiden [NL]
29 Schouwburg, Arnhem, [NL]
25 CK-Theater, Roermond [NL]
22 Schouwburg, Amsterdam [NL]**
21 Schouwburg, Amsterdam [NL]*

** premiere