Escaping Grey


Who wants to get as much as possible out of life, despite the end? Me.
Escaping Grey is a choreography by Giulia Mureddu about ambition.
Fleshy duets and trio’s melt with moments of sheer dance and disarming human expressions. In a not ordinary scenography with masks, fiction and reality blend.

Choreography/concept: Giulia Mureddu
Dance: Katerina Dietzova, Keyna Nara, Goran Turnšek en Amaranta Velarde Gonzàles.
Dramaturgy: Robin Tunca
Music: Seamus Cater en Woody Sullender
Lightdesign: Roland Van Ulden
Costumes: Dieuweke van Reij, Judith Brandts
Repetitor: Gaia Gonnelli

Duration performance: 35 minutes

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October '10
23 Mousonturm, Frankfurt [DE]**  
22 Mousonturm, Frankfurt [DE]**
April '09
24 Ramallah Contemp. DF, Ramallah, [Palestinian T]***
22 ContDance Fest., Amman  [Jordan]*** 
20 Dam.Cont.Dance Platf. Damascus [Syria]*** 
17 Bipod Festival Beirut [Lebanon]*** 
00 Springdance Fest., Utrecht [NL]***
March '09
23 Europe in Motion Fest. , Bucharest [Romania]***
February '09
01 Danswerkplaats Amsterdam, [NL]***
January '09
31 Danswerkplaats, Amsterdam [NL]***
30 Danswerkplaats, Amsterdam [NL]***
29 Danswerkplaats, Amsterdam [NL]***
19 Korzo 'DansClick', Den Haag [NL]   
December '08
19 Korzo 5-hoog, Den Haag [NL]***
13 Theater Kikker, Utrecht [NL]***
12 Theater Kikker, Utrecht [NL]***
11 Lantaren / Venster, Rotterdam [NL]***,
01 Theater Bellevue, Amsterdam [NL]*

* premiere 
** + Bava
*** + Mighty MatPogo