Liquid Space 6.1


Liquid Space 6.1 is a collaboration between Daan Roosegaarde and Giulia Mureddu. It is an interactive artwork by Daan, which becomes physically bigger, smaller, brighter by human sounds and movements. This interactive fusion of mechanics, electronics, sound and light creates a real-time dialogue with the visitor. Together with choreographer Giulia Mureddu, produced by Danswerkplaats Amsterdam, a unique danceperformance in the dunes and woods of Terschelling will be shown.

Liquid Space - Daan Roosegaarde, Peter de Man
choreography - Giulia Mureddu
dance - Eline Tan, Hilde Elbers, Katerina Dietzóva
dramaturgy - Robin Tunca
lightdesign - Roland van Ulden
costumes - Dieuweke van Reij

Liquid Space 6.1 is a co-production of studio Roosegaarde, Atelier Oerol and Danswerkplaats Amsterdam.


June '09
20 Oerol, Terschelling [NL] 
19 Oerol, Terschelling [NL]
18 Oerol, Terschelling [NL] 
17 Oerol, Terschelling [NL ] 
16 Oerol, Terschelling [NL]
15 Oerol, Terschelling [NL]  
14 Oerol, Terschelling [NL]  
13 Oerol, Terschelling [NL]