Amore e Merda

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Amore e Merda deconstructs the body to a faceless reservoir of impulses and desires. Between physical sensations and social schemes, the bodies search for identity. In an attempt to satisfy their needs buried deep within, the bodies speak.
The work of Giulia Mureddu is characterized by multilayered performances in which disarming humor, theatrical and physical dance intermingle.
Amore e Merda is the second in a series of 4 productions by Giulia, that will be produced and supported by Danswerkplaats Amsterdam in the years 2009 and 2010.

“Splendidly alternative and physical consideration of all the excitement, anxiety and transient joys that the burden of living (and, inevitably, dying) entails.”
Dance Europe magazine: Resolution! 2009, February, by Donald Hutera, on Mighty MatPogo

Choreography Giulia Mureddu i.s.m. Goran Turnsek
Dance Giulia Mureddu, Goran Turnsek
Costumes Dieuweke van Reij
Dramaturgy Robin Tunca
Repetitor Gaia Gonnelli
Light Roland van Ulden
Music mix MatPogo

Duration performance 50 minutes

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July '11
22 Julidans Vondelpark, Amsterdam [NL]
June '10
24 Gdansk Dance Festival, Gdansk [PL]
February '10
05 Theater De Regentes, Den Haag [NL] 
January '10
24 DWA Auditorium, Amsterdam [NL]      
23 DWA Auditorium, Amsterdam [NL] 
22 DWA Auditorium, Amsterdam [NL] 
21 DWA Auditorium, Amsterdam [NL]
20 DWA Auditorium, Amsterdam [NL] 
November '09
29 Theater Kikker, Utrecht [NL] 
October '09
30 Theater Kikker, Utrecht,  [NL] 
15 Lantaren/Venster, Rotterdam [NL]
07 Theater Bellevue, Amsterdam [NL]***
02 DWA Auditorium, Amsterdam [NL]**
September '09
29  Uitmarkt, Amsterdam [NL]*

* preview
** try-out
*** premiere