[photo Janna Bathoorn]



Prossimo is an ode to the unpredictable individual. This multimedia dance performance deals with our need to be close to another. Technology increases the possibilties and strategies in making contact with somebody. How intimate could this contact be? Giulia Mureddu is a dance theatre artist whose priority is to act beyond the boarders of already known forms and aesthetics. Her performances consistently build a close relationship with the viewer based on provocation and play.

Choreography: Giulia Mureddu
Performance: Hilde Elbers, Amaranta Velarde Gonzalez, Goran Turnsek, Efrem Stein
Scenography: Dieuweke van Reij
Dramaturgy: Robin Tunca
Light: Roland van Ulden
Music: Michele Bagaglio
Repetitor: Gaia Gonnelli
Directing advice: Trudie Lute

Co-produced by Dansmakers Amsterdam, Grand Theatre & Stichting Broccoli
Financially supported by Dansmakers Amsterdam & Amsterdam Fonds voor de Kunst.

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April '11
02 Frascati WG, Amsterdam [NL]****
01 Frascati WG, Amsterdam [NL]****
March '11
31 Frascati WG, Amsterdam [NL]****
26 Corrosia! Theater de Roestbak, Almere [NL]
January '11
15 Theater Kikker, Utrecht [NL]
14 Theater Kikker, Utrecht [NL]
November '10
19 Theater Regentes, Den Haag [NL]
09 Theater Bellevue, Amsterdam [NL]
08 Theater Bellevue, Amsterdam [NL]*
05 Grand Theatre, Groningen [NL]**
Augustus '10
28 Uitmarkt, Amsterdam [NL]***

***work in progress
****performance + workshops and more