PLay Me

photo Frank Verhagen


Play Me is a technological interactive solo for one individual spectator at a time. The work is inspired by the video game Wii, a video console that detects movements and displays them in real time through wireless technique. Through the use of a remote controller the spectator stimulates the sensors placed in the suit of the faceless performer and generate the electronic musical score. The remote controller in the hand of the spectator clearly confirms when the sensors are hit through physical vibrations. Within a time span of five minutes every single spectator will get the chance to be co-author of a solo in which he is confronted with human relations and the influence of technology. The experience is visual, sensorial and physical. 

Concept: Giulia Mureddu
Elaboration and performance: Giulia Mureddu, Eline Tan en Katerina Dietzova
Sound en technology design: Michele Bagaglio
Dramaturgy: Robin Tunca
Light: Roland van Ulden
Costumes: Katerina Dietzova/ Dieuweke van Reij
Production: Stichting Broccoli
Video: Wouter Proudon

Play Me is supported by the Performing Arts Funds NL and the Amsterdamse Fonds voor de Kunsten.
Special thank to Dansmakers Amsterdam and V2 Rotterdam

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October '11
13 NS Try Out Festival, Amsterdam [NL]
08 NS Try Out Festival, Arnhem [NL]
01 NS Try Out Festival, Eindhoven [NL]
September '11
24 NS Try Out Festival, Amersfoort [NL]
15 Festival 5D, Amsterdam [NL]
July '11
17/07 Over het IJ Festival, Amsterdam [NL]
June '11
26/18 Oerol, Terschelling (NL]
April '11
02  Frascati WG*, Amsterdam [NL]*
01  Frascati WG*, Amsterdam [NL]*
March '11
31  Frascati WG*, Amsterdam [NL]*
30  Frascati WG*, Amsterdam [NL]*
29  Frascati WG*, Amsterdam [NL]*
28  Frascati WG*, Amsterdam [NL]*

*during the Ordinary Departures week