[photo Studio Zijspan]


A  performance/installation by Giulia Mureddu in collaboration with performer Katerina Dietzova and visual artist Vladimir Slavov.

Box is a location project which confronts us with the unpredictability of our perception. In this dance duo the performers bring the audience to a journey beyond the borders of gravity, reaching unexpected dimensions.

Concept: Giulia Mureddu
Visual design and realization: Vladimir Slavov
Elaboration and performance: Giulia Mureddu, Katerina Dietzova and Maurizio Giunti (apprentice)
Assistance: Jelte van Andel
Advice: Gaia Gonnelli, Robin Tunca
Costumes: Katerina Dietzova
Technical support: Roland van Ulden
Publicity: Frank Verhagen
Grafics: Studio Zijspan

Box is a coproduction between Stichting Broccoli and ADM Amsterdam.
Financially supported by the Performing Arts Fund NL.

September 2012
21 TIJD Festival, ADM, Amsterdam [NL]
22 TIJD Festival, ADM, Amsterdam [NL]