And Igor Saw Everything


And Igor saw everything tells about a relationship between two people which turns into a daily routine. The only pleasure they still derive from each other is eating together. A third figure observes and silently comments. It is a surrealistic performance about eating and being eaten.


Dance: Giulia Mureddu, Markus Schnizer, Gaia Gonelli

And Igor saw everything is created in collaboration with Markus Schnizer as an assignment from the Prins Bernhard Fonds and with the support of Korzo productions in 1996.


April '97 
-- Nieuwe Theater Makers -Tournee [NL]
December '96
14 Theater Bellevue, Amsterdam [NL] 
13 Theater Bellevue. Amsterdam [NL]
November ' 96
12 Korzo - CADANCE,  Den Haag [NL]
11 Korzo - CADANCE,  Den Haag [NL]*