Learn to drown


Learn to drown is a solo created and performed by Giulia Mureddu and musician/singer Mat Pogo. Departure point is the battle between decision making and the elements which destabilize that decision. Mureddu visualises this as a game between the human will, angels and demons. Mureddu's body and Pogo's voice are in a continuous dialogue.
Mat Pogo varies between animalistic sounds, human babbling and melodic jabbering. Mureddu moves between those sounds and takes on the challenge.

Choreografie: Giulia Mureddu
Music: MatPogo
Light Design: Roland van Ulden
Costumes: Giulia Mureddu

Learn to drown has been realised with support of the Fonds voor amateur en podiumkunsten and Danswerkplaats Amsterdam, Netherlands.


July '06 
14 Festival Reuring, Purmerend NL
13 Festival Reuring Purmerend NL
12 Festival Reuring Purmerend NL  
October '05  
17 Festival Shortformats - CRT Milano [IT]
September '05
-- Korzo - Dansclick, Den Haag [NL]
April '05
25 Theater Bellevue Amsterdam NL  
December '02  
22 Veem Theater Amsterdam [NL]
21 Veem Theater Amsterdam [NL]
20 Veem Theater Amsterdam [NL]
19 Veem Theater Amsterdam [NL]
November '02
23 Spui Cadance Fest., Den Haag [NL]
22 Spui  Cadance Fest., Den Haag [NL]*

00 cancelled