Plugged is a dance piece in which the themes anxiety, dependency and powerlessness are being examined. When you find yourself in an extreme condition of life, you are no longer in control: you lost control over your life and are now dependent of others, forced to find new strategies to survive. 
Plugged is a duet for dancers Giulia Mureddu and Keyna Nara, with live music from Seamus Cater, in which the boundaries between set structure and improvisation are being explored. In Plugged dance, live music and light form a powerful whole which carries the audience away and at the same time seizes it by the throat.

Choreography: Giulia Mureddu
Dance: Keyna Nara and Giulia Mureddu
Music: Seamus Cater
Lightdesign:Roland van Ulden
Advise: Robin Tunca
Dramaturgy: Isabelle Steenbergen
Costumes: Giulia Mureddu and Ty Boomershine
Technique: Roland van Ulden & DWA/ Peter Castelijn

Production: DWA/ Roos van Kooi
Managing director: DWA/ Wouter Overgaauw

Thanks to: Ty Boomershine and Gaia Gonnelli

Duration performance: 30 minutes

This production has been realised with support of the Fonds voor amateurkunst en podiumkunsten and Dans Werkplaats Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Video (premiere in Cadance Festival The Hague): Film Garage/ Vivianne Rodrigues

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June '08
25 Festival Tanec Praha, Pardubice [Czechia] 
23 Festival Tanec Praha, Praha [Czechia] 
22 Festival Tanec Praha, Praha [Czechia]   
May '07 
20 Melkweg Theater, Amsterdam [NL]***
19 Melkweg Theater, Amsterdam [NL]***
18 Melkweg Theater, Amsterdam [NL]***
16 Festival Interplay, Torino [IT] 
April '07
22 Europe DanceFestival, Limassol [Cyprus] ****
March '07
02 Theater Kikker, Utrecht [NL]****
01 Theater Kikker, Utrecht [NL]****  
February '07
15 Lantaren / Venster, Rotterdam [NL]  
November '06   
04 Korzo - CadanceFestival, Den Haag [NL] 
03 Korzo - CadanceFestival, Den Haag [NL]*
November '05  
27 Danswerkplaats, Amsterdam [NL] **
26 Danswerkplaats, Amsterdam [NL] **
25 Danswerkplaats, Amsterdam [NL] ** 
24 Danswerkplaats, Amsterdam [NL] **

**work in progress
*** + Mighty MatPogo (work in progress)
**** + Bava