Mighty MatPogo


Mighty MatPogo is a work for four performers. Three dancers: Katerina Dietzóva, Hilde Elbers, Kay Patru, and a musician/singer: Mat Pogo.
The work departs from the understanding of failure. Failure is intrinsically connected with being alive. The possibility to fail belongs to every undertaken action. One only learns, one only develops oneself through failure. In a world like ours which is pointed at success, failure has become something for which one has to excuse oneself.
In Mighty MatPogo the musician/singer fulfils a crucial role. He analyses, comments and judges, in which his voice varies between primal animalistic sounds, human sighing and jabber, but also between melody and spoken text. Except for his quality as a singer/voice-artist, Mat Pogo uses his experience as a radio-artist: music, sounds, anecdotic and narrative elements fuse constantly.


Choreography: Giulia Mureddu
Dramaturgy: Robin Tunca
Dance: Katerina Dietzóva, Hilde Elbers, Kay Patru
Music: Mat Pogo
Light design: Roland van Ulden
Repetitor/assistent: Gaia Gonnelli
Production: Dans Werkplaats Amsterdam
Duration performance: 40 minutes

This production has been realised with support of the Fonds voor Amateurkunst en Podiumkunsten and the Amsterdamse Fonds voor de Kunsten, Netherlands.

Photo: Peter Habibuw, Achille Lepera (Mighty MatPogo in Teatro Valle, Rome)

Video (premiere in Theater Bellevue, Amsterdam): Film Garage / Vivianne Rodrigues

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April '09
24 Ramallah Contemp. DF, Ramallah [Palestinian T.] ****
22 Amman ContDanceFestival, Amman [Jordan]****  
20 Dam.Cont.Dance Platf. Damascus [Syria]****  
17 Bipod Festival, Beirut [Lebanon]****  
February '09
21  Aerowaves, The Place, London [UK]  
01 Danswerkplaats, Amsterdam [NL] cancelled **** 
January '09
31 Danswerkplaats, Amsterdam [NL] **** 
30 Danswerkplaats, Amsterdam [NL]****  
29 Danswerkplaats, Amsterdam [NL]**** cancelled
December '08   
19  Korzo 5-hoog , Den Haag [NL]  ****
13  Theater Kikker, Utrecht [NL]****  
12  Theater Kikker, Utrecht [NL]****
11  Lantaren / Venster, Rotterdam [NL]**** 
February '08
01  Teatro Valle, Roma Italy   
October '07    
10 Theater Bellevue Amsterdam [NL]*** 
May '07
20 Melkweg Theater, Amsterdam [NL]**  
19 Melkweg Theater, Amsterdam [NL]** 
18 Melkweg Theater, Amsterdam [NL]** 
April '07
29  Danswerkplaats, Amsterdam [NL]* 
28  Danswerkplaats, Amsterdam [NL]*
27  Danswerkplaats, Amsterdam [NL]*

*in progress
** in progress + Plugged
*** premiere 
**** + Escaping Grey